Orphans and Widows of AIDS in Uganda referred to as (OWAU) is a voluntary non-governmental organization dedicated to assist the most disadvantaged people in society. These people include women and children who are left without food, clothes and other necessities for social life.OWAU founded by six members his July 2001 started as a youth group whose main objective was to promoted community awareness on health focusing on prevention of morbidity and mortality due to HIV/AIDS.It up-graded its status and came up with:-

Health and Education programme.

Family empowerment programme and modified its name to orphans and Widows of AIDS Uganda.Currently it operates in Districts of Kampala,Wakiso, Masaka, Mityana, Kasanda,Mpigi and Mubende.


Working with orphans, widows and entire community in Uganda to restore hope in the lives of affected and infected persons by HIV/AIDS.


  • To establish Micro Financial credit schemes for  care taking of the children, the needy, the women and their dependants.
  • To carry out HIV/AIDS awareness to the grassroots
  • To register widows in the areas of our operations and provide the Government with information on a number of widows whose husbands died of AIDS/HIV and other circumstances.
  • To study, analyse and access problems confronting widows and to devise means of assisting.
  • To establish clinics or health centres where Orphans and destitute children shall be treated.
  • To carry out sensitization campaign for mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDS


I personally extend gratitude to the dedicated team i push this organization forward with.

Without them we couldn’t be in existence now and with you our humbled good donors and well wishers i can not thank you enough as i call upon the rest in the world to come through for the world problem as a lasting solution to end inequalities to the less privileged and restore hope in many as w provide the necessary basic needs in food security education and defend their human rights etc.



To the almighty Allah i thank for the opportunity i hold in OWAU its such a wonderful duty to write smiles all over everyone. And its to my duty to grant you a chance to make many smile in your own way through OWAU.Feel free to join us for the world problem solution.



Defending the rights of the less fortunate, the vulnerable and ltting the organisation run on all possible legal channel is my true call to the people i serve and the position i hold. My honest ambtion is to see the poor orphans and widows smile because their rights to all human rights are rightfully defend OWAU got you on this.



Networking in human relationships is one of the core foundations of a strong lasting stay in the field of service. With this our organization always stretches a hand to ;link any help so as to inter-connect it to the needy in different areas of Uganda.Am honored to head the international relations office in OWAU as i call upon the international community to join us in helping the needy.



I am privileged to be part of the driving force of OWAU through youths, encouraging development initiatives and sourcing for the same for the betterment of our community.

Join us for the future of the young generation and we empower the less privileged too.


He is an active philanthropist for OWAU development to increase healthcare centers and education for orphans and in poor communities, like kayongo medical center facilitation from public and private organization partnership and collaborations to fund OWAU projects







contact person: Kayongo Y. Nsereko


Lusaka Kirombe Israel Matovu Zone Kayongo Rd
Makindye Kampala