Transform Your Vision into Creative Results with OWAU

Its your time to make a change and we know you have been dying to have this platform to reach out and extend you caring and loving heart to the less privileged.You know what we give you all the authority to do so through volunteering with us from across the world and also donating to pending charities plus being part of OWAU activites


You can sponsor an orphan today to go through his/her education levels successfully


You can feed a starving orphan or widow today through your donations.


Heal souls through your medical donations to make sure no orphan or widows dies.


You can skill them to up rise their standards of living contact us to know how.

owau Home Center Project

Join us build a shelter for homeless orphans and widows in Uganda. Its a human right for all to have shelter over their head and if the voice can not be heard then its us to act on behalf of the less privileged.


  • Grand Total = Ugx 994,850,000
  • $272,561.6


Sanitary & Tailoring Project

Menstrual hygiene begins with proper menstrual materials and at OWAU we believe we can make a change with your support we shall celebrate when we join hands as one to provide reusable pads and a tailoring skill.


  • Grand Total = Ugx 28,301,700
  • $7,649.11

Feed An orphan Project

Its your time to save starving orphans and widows out here today. Put food on there plate and save lives. Many less privileged families loss loved ones or young ones due to lack of what to eat make a change today.


  • Grand Total = Ugx 83,270,000
  • $23,130.56


OWAU counts success as a smart stigma free community for all,availabity of basic needs to, security to all, etc and all these at a glance of generous donors,sponsors and funders its all done.Smiles are traded from the high class to all levels of classes, fair access to education is all granted with your support hence a stable country made of erudite people only.

Communities Reached
Donation Programs

Our Team

24/7 the OWAU team is on watch TO see communities rise standards especially those with high numbers of orphans and widows. Be on the look out with us today for any grant or donation you can seek from your home country.It makes more sense to rise the ladder together and climb it together to the top than looking down to the less privileged.You can be part of this good cause through ground search for grants and donations that can change lives of many stranded mothers,widows,orphans and those laving with HIV/AIDS.

We can make it together and we can make the noise so loud giving voice to the voiceless.